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Vanessa stocks all 69 individual Australian Bush Flower Essences.

The dispensed Australian Bush Flower Essences come in a 25ml bottle, whether it is an individual flower essence or a combination of flower essences.

7 drops will be dispensed from each flower in a 1/4 Brandy and 3/4 water solution.

Traditionally the essences are used by taking 7 drops under the tongue upon rising and retiring (morning and night) until bottle is finished.

Flower Essences are a form of energetic healing, by using the vibrational healing proprieties of the flowers to connect with our emotional states. They work on our subtle energy fields helping to shift deep seeded problems from the past as well as any current imbalances that we are experiencing. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences are safe and effective and can be taken orally for prolonged periods of time without any toxicity, interference with medications or side effects. 

*Please note: essences will be posted out from the North Side of Brisbane QLD. Parcel tracker number can be supplied upon request. 

If you wish to order more than one essence and you would like it sent to the same address, clearly place the details of the various essences in the same message. If you wish to order more than on essence but they are being posted to different addresses, please put the various essences through as separate orders.  

Enter your details below and enter the type of mix you are after in the subject box, such as Single Essence or Combination Essence. Place the names of the desired flower essences in the message box followed by the postal address.

You will then received a Paypal invoice via the email you have provided. Flower essences will be sent upon receipt of payment. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences Dispensary 


Single Essence (1 essence only) $12

Combination Essence (2-7 essences) $15

Postage $8.50