First Consultation 

What to expect? 
The first consultation will typically be 60-90 minutes, where a thorough health history will be taken. In the
initial consultation you may expect some physical assessments such as the taking of blood pressure, a nail

and tongue reading as well as an Iridology assessment. Herbal and nutritional prescriptions as well as blood

test referrals may be given. Expect the first return consultation to be within 2 weeks after the initial

consultation, where your treatment plan will be discussed and explained. 

What to bring? 
1. A full list of any medications and/or supplements you are currently taking: eg. oral contraceptive pill, aspirin,
paracetamol, antibiotics etc… Include the name of the product, the brand and dose.

2. Any blood test results done in the last 6 months or your most recent blood test results. A printed copy
​c​an be easily obtained by your GP. ​

Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathic treatment is a process not a quick fix. As a Naturopath, Vanessa will adapt the treatment plan to you as an individual, catering for your specific needs. Each person will require different approaches to provide for their sensitivity and ability to return to a balanced state.
​Following a Naturopathic treatment will be a lifestyle choice not a one-time endeavour.


Return Consultations
The first return consultation, following the initial will typically be 60 minutes. 
Following the first return consultation, the standard return  is 40-45 minutes.